Tent’s Partner Program

Set up your own Project’s Tent and let escrows be easy, quick and real-time.

Get a custom link and earn ADA for every trade

Empower your community to live-trade NFTs, Tokens and/or ADA live and in a single transaction directly between them.

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As easy as sharing a link,
for everyone.
Earn 10-30% of the fees for every trade, on autopilot.

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How does it work?

1. Apply

Fill out our application form with your project's basic information. Click here to apply

2. Receive your Link

Once approved, we will contact you to provide your project’s custom link.

3. Share your link

All that is left is to share your link with your community! Need help? Don't worry, we'll send some templates.

4. Earn ADA

For every trade done with your link, you will recieve ADA in your chosen address.

Earning Rewards

For every trade done using your link, you will earn a percentage of the trading fees depending on your community’s monthly trading volume.
Trades 0 to 50 — 10% per trade
Trades 51 to 100 — 20% per trade
Trades +100 — 30% per trade
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