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Blockchain Security Basics: Most Common Scams and how to avoid them

The goal of this article is to give you a quick overview of various essential security aspects for your online Blockchain activities. While this is focused on Tent, the tips and recommendations here apply for any dApp or Blockchain activity.

We have to begin by saying that Cardano and most dApps are already and inherently pretty secure, Cardano is extremely transparent and nothing happens without your authorization and signature.

Tent is definitely the most secure way to trade directly with another user, it removes the need for a middle man and relies on the security and robustness of Cardano. We have traded over 4 million ADA and over 15,000 assets, securely, seamlessly and without any issues.

Sadly, there are some malicious people that want to manipulate and steal your assets, this is true for every corner of the internet. Scams are nothing new and things like phishing plague the web, that’s why it’s important to learn about it and learn how to stay safe.

Here you will learn about the most common scams and how to avoid them. Avoiding them isn’t hard, all you need is to keep and eye out have some good practices in terms of basic security.

We also have a TLDR at the end, if you want to skip to the security recommendations overview, but we suggest that you read the complete article to get a better understanding.

Tent Basics: How is Tent Secure?

Let’s start by understanding how Tent works and how it is inherently secure.

What Tent does is to create a single transaction between two wallets. We never hold any of the user’s ADA, we simply connect two wallets and allow them to trade in a single transaction, so everything happens at once, no waiting or trust needed. In the same transaction, you both send and receive your assets.

To craft this transaction, we need both trading users to agree on what they are trading, once they have selected the assets, the transaction is crafted. Once the transaction is crafted, you will get a prompt from your wallet to sign this transaction. In this step, you will get clear details of what is gonna happen with this transaction, all the inputs and outputs, what you will send and what you will receive. It’s you who has the final say in what you sign.

Tent is 100% transparent with the transactions, and you have multiple steps to confirm and double check everything. Please keep in mind we are on blockchain, so every transaction is final once signed, but nothing ever happens without your signature.

Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

All scams center around the same idea, to get you off Tent, either by convincing you to send the assets outside of Tent, or by making you click on a fake link.

These are the main strategies they use to try and get you off of Tent:

👤Scam 1: Discord Impersonators

A common scam is for someone to pretend being from the Tent team, trying to gain your trust and convince you to send them assets.

For this scam, scammers usually pretend there is a problem with Tent, sometimes they even send fake screenshots with fake error messages, then proceed to add you to a group DM and convince you to send the assets to someone pretending to be one of our team members.

No one from our team will ever facilitate a manual escrow or ever ask you to send us anything, for any reason. If you are asked to do something where you have to trust someone… you are most likely in the process of getting scammed.

Tent is all about being trust-less and removing middle mans using blockchain security.

How to avoid?

Avoid sketchy group DMs when trading, if we ever give support, it will be on our public Discord Server. If there ever is an issue with Tent, you will hear it directly from us in any of our official communication platforms like Twitter or our public Discord Server.

We’ve never had any unexpected downtime or issues with Tent, and we intend to keep it that way, so you can rest assured that you can rely on Tent for secure trading all year round.

⚠️ Scam 2: Fake Links

The other common scam is to use fake links to try and hijack your wallet. For example, recently, a fake Tent website popped up.

✅ Official Link:
🚫 Fake Link:

While the distinction is clear, scammers will usually manipulate you to not notice these kind of details, saying that they in a hurry, that Tent IDs are not working, or they might even try and impersonate someone from the team and tell you it’s a new URL.

Again, NEVER trust any private communication through DMs, we will always be transparent and communicate using our public channels.

How to Avoid

First, never click any links. You do not need to share or click any links when using Tent. We created a system where the users can share just the Tent ID so that no one has to click on anything.

We suggest you bookmark our official link and only rely on Tent IDs. This will eliminate all the possibilities of using fake links.

Other Scams

Please keep in mind that these are just 2 of the main techniques scammers use to trick you, but they can always use different methods to get you.

Simply remain cautions and follow the security recommendations to avoid getting scammed. If you follow the recommendations, you will be good to enjoy your blockchain life securely, it’s just a matter of taking the time to read what transactions you sign.

Basic Security Recommendations Overview

If you do everything through Tent, using Tent IDs (not using links) and double checking the trade and transaction before signing, you should be safe. Pair that with following our official communication channels and you should be good to go!

Here are some additional recommendations to minimize the chances of getting scammed:

✅Bookmark Tent & Avoid Clicking Links

Official Links
- Homepage:
- App:

You can also bookmark your favorite project's partner's domain like:

We designed Tent so that no links need to be shared. Simply bookmark our official link and never click on anything you receive. Simply create the Tent by yourself or ask the user to share the Tent ID (a button impossible to miss when creating a Tent).

Doing this, you ensure that you are doing everything in Tents secure environment, where everything is clear and transparent.

There has never been an issue when using Tent IDs, so if someone is claiming they are not working, says that they cannot join your Tent or something along those lines, be careful, it’s probably a scammer.

🚫Avoid Private DMs with Tent’s Team Members

We will never give you private support in DMs. If support is ever needed, it will happen in our public Discord Server. If you are in a Group DM with one of Tent’s Team members, you can safely assume it’s someone trying to impersonate us.

Additionally, not only will we never participate in group DMs we would never ever for any reason serve as manual escrows or ask you to send us anything directly. Tent is all about being trustless and avoiding these situations.

🤝Join our Discord Server & Follow us on Twitter

If there ever is an issue, you will hear it from us through or official communication channels. Don’t rely on DMs or group DMs, always double check out official channels. There you will always find the official links and our team willing to give any kind of support.

We really recommend joining our Discord channel, where you can easily tag any of us to help you with anything you need, and to confirm anything you need. Once again, all support should be public and will happen in our public Discord channel.All wallets that allow for dApp connections have a whitelist or allowlist options. Manually review and add only the official sites you want to interact with (like Tent, JPG Store, Yummi Unverse, etc.).

We strongly recommend using this to avoid accidentally giving access to fake sites.

👀Read what you sign in your wallet

Finally, simply read everything you sign. Read which sites you are giving access and what access level you are giving. Read all the transactions you are gonna sign and double check before actually signing.

Cardano is a fully transparent Blockchain and you can know all that is going to happen before you sign it. Nothing ever happens without your signature, so just be careful and read everything before you confirm.

Blockchain technology is about empowering the user with ownership, and it makes executing transactions easy and streamlined. This streamlined experiences comes with the responsibility to take care of your own assets, since you are the only one responsible for your wallet, its contents and the transactions you sign. If you are careful, there should be no issue, just double check links, transactions, avoid trusting random persons and you should be good to go.


We suggest you go through the complete article to get a better understanding, but here is a quick summary. All scams center around the same idea, to get you off Tent, either by convincing you to send the assets outside of Tent, or by making you click on a fake link.

If you do everything through Tent, use Tent IDs instead of links and follow and use our official communication channels, you will be pretty safe already.

We have implemented many security features and warning throughout Tent, we have all the bells and whistles but in the end, in this blockchain world, you are the one responsible for your assets and the transactions you sign.

Here are the recommendations:

  1. Bookmark Tent and never click links, simply use Tent IDs
  2. Avoid private/group DMs with any supposed team member (it's just scammers pretending to be us)
  3. If there ever is a need for support, it will happen on our public Discord server, not in private
  4. If there is something going on with Tent, you will hear it from us in our official communication channels (public Discord Server and Twitter)
  5. Always read what your wallet's prompts and and the transactions you are about to sign

So, happy trading, and stay safe!